Congratulations to Cathy Mann Christiansen!

Nebraska Synod ELCA Certifies Cathy Mann Christiansen as a Spiritual Director

Cathy Mann Christiansen of Omaha NE has been certified by Seeking the Spirit Within: The Nebraska Synod Institute for Spiritual Direction Formation. Christiansen began the program in 2018 as part of a cohort and completed all necessary requirements June 6, 2020. Now certified, Christiansen is able to serve as a spiritual director for congregations and individuals.

Christiansen had this to say about her experience: “Building on the transformational foundation of God’s love for me, this program has given me the tools to serve others along the journey of a deepening awareness of God within.”

The Nebraska Synod’s spiritual direction program, Seeking the Spirit Within, certified 13 new spiritual directors this year. Spiritual direction is an ancient form of strengthening and encouraging one another in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual direction seeks to attend to God’s activity in the lives of both director and directee, while recognizing and honoring the spiritual beliefs and practices or other faiths. Seeking the Spirit Within is a Christian-based approach to spiritual direction. .  For more information, visit or contact Cathy at [email protected]