CPC Prayer Needs

Please be praying for 2019 Direction…

  • We continue to seek God and His Direction as 25x’25 moves forward into 2019. May God build movement momentum by providing quality leaders, quality parenting churches and a quantity of each. O God, how do you desire to use our classis, our churches and our people as Central Plains moves forward into the 25x’25 multiplication vision? Fill us with Your wisdom and Your discernment. O God, how do you desire to use me?
  • The 25x’25 Vision Team…Thank God for the addition of new 25 x’25 team members…Jeff Heerspink, Brody VanRoekel, Arv Taylor and John Sikkink. O God, we thank you for the members of the Central Plains Multiplication Team and their willingness to serve You.
  • Spiritual Protection…Ask God to protect our classis, our churches, our leaders and our people from the Enemy’s attacks. He desires to “snatch, scorch and squeeze” (Matthew 13:18-30) the 25x’25 multiplication vision. O God, we expect the Enemy’s work. Protect us and strengthen us to faithfully obey God’s call to multiply.
  • Financial Provision…Ask God for financial provision to fund the Central Plains Classis Multiplication Vision. O God, provide financial support and provide contact people to serve on the financial team. We praise You for the $110,000 committed as of January 2019!
  • Two New Community Based Ministries…Celebrate the addition of Atlas ministry (https:// www.atlaslincoln.org) in Lincoln, Nebraska and New Revelations Collegiate Ministry (http:// newrevelations.us) in Denton, Texas to the ministries of Central Plains Classis! O God, empower these ministries to impact the people and communities they serve for Your Glory!
  • God’s Multiplication Power…God, you are a God of Multiplication! From Genesis to Revelation, You reveal Your multiplication power. In Luke 9:13-17. Jesus multiplied two fish and five loaves to feed 5000 people with 12 baskets of leftovers. O God, we give you ourselves, we give you our resources and trust You to do Your multiplication work!