Randy has served as President of Central Plains Classis since the classis restructured in 2006. Prior to serving as classis president, Randy served as an associate pastor at Westwood Church in Omaha, followed by a 13 year pastorate near Minneapolis, MN. In 2005, Randy shifted into transitional [interim] ministry and returned to Omaha. Since commencing transitional ministry, Randy has served 8 congregations in 5 classes: CENTRAL PLAINS CLASSIS: Living Life Reformed, Firth, NE; Holland Reformed, Hickman, NE; Pella Reformed, Adams, NE; WEST SIOUX CLASSIS: Maurice First Reformed, Maurice, IA; MINNESOTA CLASSIS: Roseland Reformed, Roseland, MN; CLASSIS OF CENTRAL IOWA: Meredith Drive Reformed Church, Des Moines, IA; DAKOTA CLASSIS: Chancellor Reformed, Chancellor, SD; First Reformed, Platte, SD.

Randy graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in June of 1986 with a Master of Divinity degree, and was ordained at Westwood Church in August of 1986. Randy’s call to ministry was a gradual process that clarified by his senior year of high school, and was finalized going into his senior year of college. Randy was blessed with great pastoral mentors – and numerous lay leaders – while growing up at Westwood Church. This heritage is greatly treasured!

When not directly engaged in ministry, some of the activities Randy enjoys are walking, traveling, playing racquetball, working out and family gatherings.