Year End Giving Opportunities

We need your support! Central Plains Classis is experiencing MUCH GROWTH

We began in 2018 with 13 churches….today we now have 30 ministries!!! THE LORD IS BRINGING MUCH FRUIT. We have 14 new church plants. WE RECEIVED 12 THIS YEAR ALONE! There are some 350 new members. One new church plant had 20 baptisms during this pandemic. We are working with potentially 10 more new churches….THE LORD IS BLESSING!!!!

OUR NEED – We have a financial need to support the ongoing expansion of ministries and support of the leadership. YOUR GIFT WILL MAKE A KINGDOM DIFFERENCE!!

I do trust and fervently PRAY that the Lord will provide the needed resources to empower the all these new church plants…but I also believe HE WILL PROVIDE THE NEEDED RESOURCES THROUGH INDIVIDUAL’S GENEROUS GIVING. I PRAY FOR MANY GENEROUS GIFTS. (All gifts are tax deductible). Click on the DONATE on our website.