Highlights of CPC Multiplication Team Retreat!

Highlights of CPC Multiplication Team Retreat!

The Central Plains Multiplication Team met Jan. 11/12/19 to set direction and priorities to implement

our Classis vision in 2019. The team members are:

  • Rev. Tim Vink, Senior Catalyst for Church Multiplication, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Rev. Dale Assink, Strategic Leader, Central Plains Classis, Omaha, NE
  • Rick Faber, Elder, Westwood Church, Omaha, NE
  • Brody VanRoekel, Director, Atlas: Lincoln, NE
  • Dawn Assink, Team Member
  • Jeff Heerspink, Pastor, F Street Church, Lincoln, NE
  • Arv Taylor, Deacon, Crossroads Church, Overland Park, KS
  • Rev. Dave Parrish, Pastor, Papio Creek, Papillion, NE
  • John Sikkink, Former SOH Coordinator, Polk City, IA
  • Gary Kroese, Elder, Pella Church, Adams, NE
  • Linda Kroese, Elder, Pella Church, Adams, NE
  • Rev. Steve McNary, former Church Planter, San Antonio, TX

CPC Multiplication Team approved our first two new ministries! 

We received the Atlas Ministry of Lincoln. Atlas: Lincoln is a mentor-based, prayer-driven ministry that provides personal development services to individuals and families who are hurting for a variety of reasons.  You can visit their website at https://www.atlaslincoln.org

We also received the New Revelation Collegiate mission of Krum, Texas. NRCM equips undergraduate students attending college for Christ-centered, biblically based, theologically integrated, culturally competent, leadership in and for the world. You can visit their website at http://newrevelations.us

Would you like to know more about beginning new ministries?  Please refer to the Central Plains website: http://centralplainsclassis.org/new-ministry-application/

We further clarified what our 12 new ministries might look like. 

  • 5 new church plants – self-funding, self-governed RCA local congregations
  • 2 satellite churches – second campuses of existing churches
  • 5 community need-meeting ministries (refer to “ministry parameters” on our website for further definition)

We affirmed the 25 by ‘25 fundraising campaign!

We are looking to build a fund-raising campaign team to work with Rick Faber and seeking individuals willing to make pledges and donations. To date we have either raised or have pledges totaling $115,000. Please donate at http://centralplainsclassis.org/donate/or on the CPC Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/centralplainsclassis/

Watch our website for financial updates as we faithfully strive to meet our $1.7 million goal!

We are working closely with the denomination to become a “multiplying classis.” 

Like Elisha asking for a double portion of the Holy Spirit’s power that he saw in Elijah, the Reformed Church in America is seeking to plant 1,000 new churches in 20 years and double our gospel momentum in North America.  “I would look for Central Plains Classis to experience a permanent shift in our definition of success towards reproducing generations of disciples and churches.  CPC may plant 15 to 20 of those 1,000 churches in the next 20 years. CPC’s early adopting example will influence many more classes,”says Tim Vink, Senior Church Multiplication Catalyst of the RCA.

New church plant opportunities

Dale Assink updated the team on a number of different potential new church opportunities.  In addition, contacts have been made with potential church planters.   Our goal is to have the plans firmly set for a church plant in 2019.

Determined the need for “Bright Light” churches!

We affirmed that this 7-year vision is providing a foundation for the future so that Central Plains Classis continues a multiplication movement.  We learned that a key component of increasing effectiveness in that movement is churches planting churches.  An objective, therefore, in 2019 is to encourage our existing churches to sponsor or mentor a new church plant.  More definition and clarity to this will be forthcoming.

Empowering leaders

We recognize and affirm the need to raise up leaders from among us. Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.  “In the past, churches have tried to recruit disciples rather than make them,” says Jeff Heerspink, pastor of F Street Church,“Raising up people out of the local church is where the future ministers will come from.”

Some of the empowering leaders opportunities currently available in our Central Plains Classis area are:

Lincoln School of Ministry exists to equip and empower people from all walks of life for ministry. Our heart is that all believers be trained with the Bible knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to more effectively share Christ. LSOF is a joint ministry with F Street Neighborhood Church and Jacob’s Well, but is not limited to individuals from these churches. LSOM exists to equip individuals for ministry.


Immerse is a service trip in Lincoln, Nebraska designed to engage middle school and high school youth groups in a diverse ministry experience. Immerse will raise awareness and challenge students to deepen their relationship with Christ, understand their gifting, and respond to God’s call in their lives.  Immerse provides connections to the youth themselves, the youth leaders and adult sponsors, and the interns hired to run the program.


All Saints is a training center, housed at Our Lord’s Community Church, that offers seminary-level training in the areas of theological studies, spiritual formation, and leadership development. The driving vision of All Saints is based on the New Testament conviction that all the saints are to be equipped for ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:12). https://www.allsaints.center

Timothy Leadership Training Institute works with international and local ministry partners to provide essential training for pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders, equipping them to advance the kingdom of God and enabling them to build viable and healthy congregations and communities.  In the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:2, our primary material is designed to train leaders who then go on to train others. Currently, Dale Assink and two of our Native American members are certified as trainers.